How to mod IIoW


Editing the savefile is more like cheating, not modding but I decided to include it here.

This contains some tester stuff because I don't have my research on the old savefile at the time of writing this
I only have my research on 4.51 savefile format...

Editing the savefile of your current game doesn't require any other tools than standard notepad
also the savefile format of IIoW is pretty easy to understand and edit.

(I am too lazy to explain this on each thing so I'll explain this here)
|0|0|0|0| is usually after an item name, these are some item properties,
first and second ones are xp values, third is the value (basicly useless, adds to the island value),
the last one is tier from 0-4.
After those you can see custom item properties.
Example items in island section

Shop & Map

To be honest I got no idea how the map is encoded
so, here's just the map help from older format (realm) (x) (y) (x previous) (object)
Haha that went well....

First is the item name and item properties,
next is the prize in gold,
and last one is from 0-1 if the item is sold or not.

Yeah, that's it.


In the inventory section there is a random value that is basicly how many item slots
your items take. It's just for the games counting and affects nothing. Editing it is not worth.

In the inventory items are separte with spaces.
it goes like itemName|0|0|0|0| and if it is custom item, after that is custom properties
and after that is space and the quantity of that item, then space and start of new item


At the start of island section is 6 numbers. They are coreX, coreY, islandWidth, islandHeigh, islandOffsetX, islandOffsetY.
They are used to check for invalid islands.

The order of blocks goes like
but in a 12x12 grid

Each block has 3 _ underscores.
One is for block, second for module, and third keybind/text
_ _ _ is basicly a empty block.
Space divides them

Example item: (starter makeshift cannon)
blockItem......module/weapon.....custom modifiers and at the end is keybind/text
silt|0|0|10|0| cannon|0|0|15|0|name:makeshift_cannon|description:a_basic_cannon_with_a_decent_rate_of_fire|damage:14 1


This one is one easy string.
money maxlives lives difficulty
lol, why even bother making this section...